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Some visit every weekend, others, every few months.

But on average, long-distance couples see each other 1.5 times a month, according to center statistics.

We know a thing or two about providing for the Christian community online.

We take your safety and security seriously, and make sure you are protected at all times.

Some who are dating avoid marriage all together because of their fear of divorce. However, there are those on the other end of the spectrum who are too afraid to fully commit to a relationship because they are scared. Facing the unknown and facing fears head-on is tough.

Today’s dating culture is more likely to prepare you to get divorced than to enjoy a lifetime of marriage.

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As a pioneer of online dating, we have seen many trends come and go, yet the one thing that has always remained consistent among people of faith is the desire to find a meaningful relationship, as opposed to finding a few dates with which to pass the time on the weekends.

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