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You can select whether or not to require that these conditions be met.Take care that your budget closing sets meet your parent-child requirements.The problem is that if the cursor is in the textbox when the user try's to close the window the validation is fired and if the contents of the textbox are invalid the window won't close. Would I need to test within the validation event handler for each possible event that could have happened that I don't want the validation to happen for. Simon, Have you tried to set the Causes Validation property of the form to false (if it isn't already). NET/C# MVP] Set the Causes Validation property of the close button to False.Introduction The Highlights of Windows Forms Validation Programmatic Validation vs. NET Genghis Acknowledgements References Call me weird, but one of my favorite films is Amazon Women on the Moon, a 1950s B-Grade science fiction movie parody interspersed with several short comedy sketches in the same style as The Kentucky Fried Movie.Declarative Validation Establishing Design-Time Support Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Introducing the Required Field Validator Base Validator: Divide and Conquer In for a Penny, In for a Pound The Completed Custom Validation Infrastructure Where Are We? One of the sketches, "Two IDs," features Karen and Jerry (played by Rosanna Arquette and Steve Guttenberg, respectively) on the night of their first date.So all is looking gr8, except when there is incorrect data in a text box and the user clicks the X button in the top right corner (ie the control box) - the user is stuck ! We need some way to acertain that the mouse is outside the client area I suppose ?Thanks In Advance Bill Hi There I am trying to incorporate the Error Provider into a form.

Conversely, successfully validated data provides an equivalent experience to dating Rosanna Arquette, which for this author would be quite nice.

Although you can close and roll forward a parent while only closing its children, you must roll forward a parent if its children are set to roll forward.

Hi, I have a textbox that has a Cancel Event Handler attatched to it to validate the data entered by the user. If this is the case, then it should not cause the textbox to throw the validate event. You might also have to set the same property on the Form to false too, to stop the window close button causing validation.

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Unfortunately for Jerry, his background check fails and Karen declines the date.

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However, control never enters the "if" block in the below use case: 1. (which means error Provider1 will have "Password invalid!

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